MCC Corequisite Summit is Wednesday, May 16

The Missouri Department of Higher Education has been working with Complete College America to support a scale of corequisite remediation across public institutions of higher education in the state of Missouri.  To this end, Metropolitan Community College has been tasked with placing the “vast majority” of its developmental students into courses with corequisite remediation by this fall.

All faculty, staff, and administrators are invited to an internal event to help assess the status of where MCC currently stands in developing and implementing corequisites.

The MCC Corequisite Summit will be Wednesday, May 16, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the MCC-Penn Valley Education Center.

Guests will include Rusty Monhollon, assistant commissioner of academic affairs at the Missouri Department of Higher Education; Tim Britt, math faculty at Jackson State Community College; and Denis Meyer, English faculty at Western Technical College.

To register for the event, click here.

A corequisite model calls for students to take a course and its prerequisite at the same time. In this case, underprepared students take a gateway (required) class, such as English 101, the same semester as a developmental class. Typically, one instructor teaches both classes, which are scheduled back to back. The developmental class becomes an opportunity for the instructor to remediate content for the gateway course.

When MCC’s FOCUS program piloted this model in English in 2015-16, the percentage of students successfully completing both courses shot up more than 20 points when the two courses were taken together.

For more information, contact Jason Pallett, math faculty, MCC-Longview, and activities director for the MCC Title III FOCUS Grant: or 816-604-1233.

For more on the Complete College America initiative, click here.