MCC-Blue River Weight Loss Challenge

Some MCC-Blue River employees, family and friends are participating in a campus version of the “Biggest Loser” reality television show.

The six-week competition, which kicked off with a weigh-in Jan. 21, varies from the television version in that weight loss can be kept confidential unless participants choose to share their numbers. In addition, participants joined a five-to-eight-member team, in which the overall weight loss is calculated to determine a winning team. The contest among three teams, concludes with a final weigh-in Monday, March 3.

 Participants were charged $20 to join. Proceeds will be pooled to create prize money, which will be awarded to the team which scores the highest weight loss numbers, according to Fitness, Recreation and Athletics Coordinator David Owens, who’s organizing the challenge.

 MCC-Blue River Counselor Victorie Kelley will record participants’ weights, based on weekly weigh-ins, and will keep numbers confidential. Voluntary team workouts and a walking workout video series also will be offered in order to assist participants in weight loss.