MCC-Blue River awards banquet

Many students, faculty and staff had a day to be proud of at the 2012 MCC-Blue River awards banquet.

In particular, Blue River’s Marcus Walker excelled as a student and is an incredible human being, according to Sociology instructor Cynthia Tooley, so it was no surprise to find out that his mother cared about school as well. Tooley met Marcus’ mother before the MCC-Blue River Awards banquet and congratulated the family. The surprise came when Gail Walker, Marcus’ mother, mounted the stage as well to receive her own academic award.

In Tooley’s own words, “I awarded Marcus with the 2012 Outstanding Social Science Student Award… Right after I awarded Marcus with his award, they called up the award for people who have maintained a 3.5 or higher grade point average. I was so happy to see Marcus’s mother walk across the stage.”

Gail Walker had decided to make sure that her kids were successful high school students, but when they were done, she was determined to put herself through school as well. “I went to talk to her afterwards,” Tooley explained, “and she told me how she had worked really hard to get her kids through high school, and she promised herself the whole time that her reward would be to go to college once her children had graduated. Now here she is, doing so well.”

Gail is pictured at the ceremony above, wearing black, second from the left.

The complete list of award winners at this year’s MCC-Blue River Awards Banquet is as follows:


Abby Bailey Leadership
Brandon Messina Department
Chelsea Tilbury Leadership
Courtney Cordilla Leadership
Deborah Jones Department
DeJon Allen Academy
Elizabeth Short Leadership
Emily Nelson Academy
Hunter Triplitt Academy
Ivan Garnica Division
James Maiden Leadership
Joe DeMaria Group w/Individual
Joseph Moore Academy
Kalee “Dutch” DeAtley Group w/Individual
Kristy Bailey Group w/Individual
KyeKeyann Bates Academy
Madison Greco Group w/Individual
Marcus Walker Division
Michelle Sciortino Group w/Individual
Patricia Hoover Group w/Individual
Peter Lazarz Academy
Peter Vilar Leadership
Rachel England Group w/Individual
Rachel Stegeman Division
Rae Blankman Academy
Rebecca Bowman Academy
Rebecca Shepard Group w/Individual
Robert “Luke” Anderson Department
Sophia Danh Group w/Individual
Tayler Roberson Group w/Individual
Tim Robinson Group w/Individual
Timothy White Department
Tony Ramirez Leadership
William Adams Division
Zachary Freedle Academy
Zachary Provo Academy


Trailblazers Academic Achievement
Travis C Adams Travis C Adams
William Raymond Adams
Eric D Adlard
Ronald George Alexander
Tori Anderson
Cameron Allen Ault
Abby Lynn Bailey
Heather Sue Barham
Megan Tyler Becker
Jon B Bennings
Rae Ann Blankman
Laura J Bovard
Rebecca Lynn Bowman Rebecca Lynn Bowman
Caleb Breedlove Caleb Breedlove
Craig Nolan Bryan
Darrell Alan Burress
Asch-Lee P Butts
Chanté  Alexandra Campbell Chante Alexandra Campbell
Brianna Nicole Carrender
Kathryn Nichole Caviness
Micah James Chrisman
Jamie Lynn Clevenger
Deborah L Cochran Deborah L Cochran
Natasha Leighann Collins
Christa Breanne DeGracia
Lindsay Nichole DePee
Eli Jared Dorsey Eli Jared Dorsey
Kelsey Olivia Dougherty
Gina Marie Duffie Gina Marie Duffie
Danielle Elizabeth Eames
Paula Lowann Eames
Robert Fisher
Makinzi C Fogt
Darrelina M Fox
Jonathan Foy
Janell Francis
Sharon Franklin
Tiffany Ann Friend
Tara Janelle GarDella
Farah N Gargotta Farah N Gargotta
Cody Gillespie
John Matthew Gilligan
Jordan Elyse Gowan
Ricky D Greer
Lindsey Beth Gregory Lindsey Beth Gregory
Brennon Lewis Hartshorn
Barbara Ann Hatfield
Cynthia Diane Heater Timothy William Hester
Melia Rose Henson
Timothy William Hester
Randy L Highley
Jessica M Hoff
Lisa Howard
Ian K Huffman
Larry La’Rone Jackson
Samantha Renee Jenkins
Lynda K Jensen
April Michelle Jones
Shayla R Keightley
Malissa Lyn Kidd Malissa Lyn Kidd
David Michael Kinne
Jacqueline Nicole Klenklen
James Kramel
Zachary D Lane
Kathy Jo Larson
Peter Anthony Lazarz
Tyler Lingerfelt
Christopher Michael Livojevich
Jeremy David Logan Jeremy David Logan
Walter Merlin Loving III
Katie Lynne Lundquist Katie Lynne Lundquist
Erin Rae Lutjen
Heath Landon Markley
Beth Ann Markworth
Bryn Anne Medley
Walter Claude Meierarend III
Lauren Nicole Michael
Bryan Wayne Montgomery
Mark Quentin Moore
Sara Victoria Morgan Sara Victoria Morgan
Stephen J Muckenthaler
Elly Len Naber Elly Len Naber
Emily Kristine Nelson
Jeffrey Ronald Ohmer
Yuliya Pankova
Michael A Parr
Alyson Phillips
Peggy Lynne Porter Peggy Lynne Porter
Jason D Reddell Jason D Reddell
Eva N Rensing
Krestin L Rivers
Autumn Lindsey Rives
Michael Roe Michael Roe
Rebecca Lynn Rondomanski
Michael A Seskis
Kristi Ann Sisk
Kevin N Souder
Kip David Thomas
Stacy Beth Thomas Stacy Beth Thomas
Matthew Ryan Tucker
Tricia Twente
Garrett Van Camp
Andrew S Vollmecke Andrew S Vollmecke
Gail Walker
Eric J Wendel Eric J Wendel
Amy H Werges
Kailey May Wickett
Sari J Williams
Casey Witkowski
Elisa Kathleen Wood Elisa Kathleen Wood
Justin Shane R Wood
Tara Marie Yancik


Student Ambassadors
Caleb Brauner
Nikki Carillo
Kelsey Crosby
Rachel England
Dasha Guzman
Sara Guzman
Patricia Hoover
James Maiden
Stephanie Romero
Elizabeth Short
Student Activities Council
Nancy Bolyard
Brianna Covey
Christian Delgadillo
Maxwell Dusch
Karrie Gibson
Ronald Lang
Shelby Liggett
Tina Livingston
Chanel Pemberton
Rachel Sawvell
Elizabeth Short
Marcus Walker
Umbrella Club
Amber Mattingly – President
Dasha Guzman
Sara Guzman
Drew Kuenzil
Andriana Martinez
LDS Student Association
Rebecca Shepard
Academic Groups
Theatre Productions 2011-2012
Sophia Danh
Joseph DeMaria
Gabriel Goff
Caryn Gorman
Madison Greco
Melissa Hall
Dante Jones
Amanda Ledin
Bryn Medley
Tessa Norton
Tayler Roberson
Timothy Robinson
Joseph Saunders
Michelle Sciortino
Caitlin Wood
Spirit of Independence Band
Independence Orchestra
Metropolitan Chorale of Kansas City
BR Jazz Band
Phi Theta Kappa
Jacqueline Klenklen – President
Michael Parr – Vice-President
Patricia Hoover – Recording Secretary
Ian Huffman – Hallmark Secretary
Kristy Bailey – Public Relations