MCC art instructor DeAnna Skedel on display at H&R Block Artspace

Wonderful works well worth checking into are on display at “Kansas City Flatfile 2012” in the H&R Block Artspace at KC Art Institute in June. MCC-Blue River art instructor DeAnna Skedel has been curated into the display. One of her silver point drawings will be featured on a gallery wall, and many of her other silver points are available to be viewed among the flatfiles at this unique exhibit.

DeAnna explained that she did “a series of silver point drawings on large paint swatches.  Silver point means I actually drew with a stick of sterling silver… The drawings are of dust bunnies… real dust bunnies from my house.” True art aficionadas see inspiration in every corner.

The walls at KC Flatfile 2012 have been curated by two visiting artists from Oklahoma. They came to the H&R Block Artspace, went through the drawings there, and selected several within a theme for display throughout June. This will change again in July when another visiting artist comes through to do the same thing. Find out more about “Kansas City Flatfile 2012” on the KCAI news blog.

The silverpoint drawing featured on this page is DeAnna Skedel’s “Butterfly Wing”: