Maple Woods Artist of the Month: Alicia Wyatt

Meet April’s Artist of the Month: Alicia Wyatt!


After Maple Woods I hope to be able to transfer to the Kansas City Art Institute where I would be able to major in illustration and minor in graphic design. My main goal is to be able to become a Children’s Book Illustrator

I enjoy the people and art classes most. I have met so many friends at Maple Woods both inside and outside of class. In my art classes, its great to have classes that I love and where I can bounce my ideas off of fellow classmates. I also love seeing all of the other art and how other people interpret the assignments.

I love being able to narrate a story or idea while creating something I’m passionate about. I also love that I can influence others with my art be it bringing awareness about the environment to showing something that I love. I find it wonderful when my art is able to stimulate someone’s emotions or intellect so that the viewer can think further about my piece. Art is a way I can express myself while also enjoying something I love.

Mixed media of colored pencil, watercolor, and acrylics or digital are my two favorites. I can elaborate but was planning on not answering this question.

My style of art is realism but more of the subjects and scenes I draw are based on real life while I get to use my imagination to create it. For example, I love nature and this is commonly seen in my art but sometimes the realism of nature could be the basis of creating my own dragon or making a conceptual work of art.