Lakers’ Assistant Volleyball Coach Wins Championship


Marnie Winters , MCC-Longview Lakers’ assistant volleyball coach, and her sister Shandy Klaus, a former MCC-Penn Valley volleyball player, competed in the championship earlier this month. Winters and Klaus’ team, the Vikquins, took the title in the four-day tournament which included 19 teams from nine countries.

Despite getting off to a rough start, the Vikquins, proved they had what it took to become the A Division champs. After losing to a team on the first day of the tournament, the women rallied to later to defeat the same team. On day three of the tournament, the Vikquins ranked 12thout of the 19 teams. Heading into finals on day four.

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Theirs was only one of two teams left undefeated.

“It took all three sets to win quarter finals and semifinals, but we steam-rolled the team in the finals with unbeatable confidence,” said Winters. “It was the most amazing feeling in the world! The other team was in shock as they had beaten us badly on day one. We beat them in semifinals and finals.”

Winters and Klaus had not played together since 1997. “It was very emotional for my sister and me to win such a big tournament together,” said Winters. “The other ladies on our team were amazing girls both on and off the court. We all gelled perfectly and complimented each other amazingly.”