Lady Scouts Basketball Coach Contributes to Community

Graduate of Bridge Leadership Academy Workshops

MCC-Penn Valley alumna and Lady Scouts basketball coach just keeps on giving.

The Bridge Leadership Academy and Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City congratulate students who graduated on Feb. 3, 2012 after participating in a seven week leadership workshop facilitated by the Bridge Leadership Academy.  Bridge Leadership Academy is run by MCC-Penn Valley alumna and head women’s basketball coach Wakisha Briggs. The workshops introduced leadership and life skills lessons to increase self-awareness, decision making and problem solving, and goal setting competencies. 

Briggs, stated “it was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with students who dedicated 110 percent effort every week. I truly appreciate organizations like the Boys and Girls Club who continue to provide students with a safe and healthy environment where they have an opportunity to learn and develop skills to achieve their personal and educational goals through after school programs.”

The Bridge Leadership Academy recognizes Daniel Blair and Marquon Golsby for their exceptional contributions and leadership.  Daniel and Marquon were the recipients of two Dell Desktop computers donated by The Bridge Leadership Academy. The Bridge Leadership Academy extends a heartfelt thanks to the Black Community Fund, Park University and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City for their support and charitable contributions.