MCC Innovation Summit: Find your inner superhero!

Chancellor Kimberly Beatty with Innovation Summit participants

As part of the continuing initiative to grow momentum and creative spirit at Metropolitan Community College, more than 50 faculty and staff participated in the first MCC Innovation Summit on June 22.

A four-hour program included a presentation by Jon Kohrs of the KC Social Innovation Center, who detailed concepts about creative design thinking.

Chancellor Dr. Kimberly Beatty headlined the event and encouraged participants “to identify their inner superheroes” as the College works to spark innovation.

MCC’s superheroes


MCC’s Innovation Incubators include Chancellor Beatty and Innovation Council members Dr. John Chawana, Dr. Ryan Meador, Dr. Randall Moore, Dr. Chris Morrow, David Reeves, Liz Santander and Tatia Shelton. This superhero group sets the stage for innovation opportunities at MCC.


MCC’s Rebels With a Cause will spread the excitement of design thinking, and advocate for the open sharing of great ideas.


The Beta Testers love to try new things! These innovation superheroes will help take MCC’s innovative ideas to the next phase by testing them.


MCC’s Innovation Masterminds will become our coaches. This group will be our design thinking experts and coach the greater community on how to prepare the best ideas for a pitch.


MCC’s Innovation Pilots will stand by at future MCC innovation events, including in-service, to act as experienced guides as the concept of Innovation On the Move is introduced to the larger MCC family. They will answer questions and help connect the Innovation dots for newcomers.

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