Inauguration FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Metropolitan Community College will install its eighth chancellor, Dr. Kimberly Beatty, in an Aug. 24 ceremony at the Music Hall downtown. MCC campuses and the Administrative Center will close at 1 p.m. that day so employees can attend the 2:30 p.m. Inauguration ceremony.

Following the ceremony, a reception for employees will be held in the Little Theatre adjoining the Music Hall.

Employees, students, guests and the public can RSVP on the Inauguration website, Employees, please click “MCC Employees” on the left-hand side to indicate if you’d like to march in the processional, if you’re attending but not taking part in the processional, and if you’d like to volunteer at Inauguration Week events.

Here’s more information about Inauguration:

Q. What is an inauguration?

A. An inauguration is defined as the act of inducting into office with solemnity; a formal beginning or initiation. An inauguration also gives a new leader the opportunity to share his or her vision for the future of the institution.

“An inauguration is a time of celebration and anticipation, a moment when an academic institution can affirm its past, define its purpose and interpret its role to a wide audience,” wrote William E. King in describing the installation of the president of Trinity College (predecessor of Duke University) in 1910.

The inauguration of Dr. Kimberly Beatty as chancellor of Metropolitan Community College will allow us to celebrate our history, mission and future with the Greater Kansas City community and beyond.

Q. Why was Inauguration scheduled for fall?

A. The ceremony had been tentatively scheduled for Spring 2018, but at the request of the Chancellor’s Transition Committee the event was moved to August. This group also believed that holding Inauguration early in the fall semester would best benefit the campuses and provide a strong kickoff for the 2018-19 academic year.

 Q. Is attending Inauguration mandatory for employees?

 A. Yes, for full-time employees. This is our opportunity to celebrate the successes of the College, honor our past and dedicate ourselves for a better tomorrow.  Inauguration Week will provide the opportunity to focus on our vision and our mission.  It is vital that we all take part in this endeavor as a community and as invested employees.

Q. Are all faculty invited to march as delegates in the Inauguration processional?

A. Yes. An earlier communication incorrectly stated that only faculty with a master’s degree or higher could serve as delegates. The communication should have said that staff employees with a master’s degree or higher and all faculty are encouraged to participate in the Inauguration processional as delegates.

Q. Will academic regalia be provided for faculty and staff delegates?

A. Yes. All staff with a master’s degree or higher, and all faculty are encouraged to march in the Inauguration processional, and if faculty or staff employees need academic regalia, the College will provide this. (The deadline for ordering regalia has now passed.)

Q. Will we have to cancel classes on Friday, Aug. 24, the day of Inauguration? What should students do if they arrive on campus at or after 1 p.m. that day?

A. As in past years with the employee in-service, a clear campus communication plan that indicates the change in hours on Friday, Aug. 24, will be important. The College will be closed and no classes will be held after 1 p.m. on the day of Inauguration.

Q. Will parking be provided for those who attend Inauguration, and will faculty and staff be reimbursed for mileage?

A. Yes. Parking for the ceremony will be provided; parking vouchers will be made available. Per MCC policy, mileage from the home campus or work location to the Music Hall will be paid. Employees will be responsible for submitting requests for mileage reimbursement on the appropriate form. Where to pick up a parking pass

Q. Why did in-service move to the beginning of the fall semester?  

A. Historically, the MCC all-employee in-service took place in mid-fall. In-service was designed to share the state of the College and our vision for the future. Most colleges hold in-service at the beginning of the semester to provide strategic messaging and planning to set the tone for the year. Also, having it at the beginning of the fall semester does not disrupt the semester midway through. This year’s in-service will be Tuesday, Aug. 21, at MCC-Business & Technology. (Faculty Professional Development Day, employee in-service, the first day of fall classes and several inaugural events are all scheduled for the week beginning Aug. 20, which this year is being called Inauguration Week.)

Q. What is Faculty Professional Development Day?

A. Historically called Faculty Convocation, this event on Monday, Aug. 20, at MCC-Penn Valley Education Center allows all MCC faculty to come together to focus on the development and practice of the teaching and learning process. The title change comes from recommendations from several groups, while the planning and format will be up to the planning committee, as has been true in the past.