Have an IR request? There’s now an electronic form

Employees who need data from MCC’s Institutional Research office can now make their request in an electronic form on InfoExchange.

Here’s a link to the new form: web.mcckc.edu/infoexchange/help.asp#research

You can also find it by going to InfoExchange through the myMCCKC portal. On the InfoExchange homepage, click the question mark icon at the top …

… which takes you to the Help page. There, click the Research tab.

Common research requests from faculty, staff and administrators include student demographic data, student outcomes and success measures, survey creation and the like, says Melissa Giese, director of institutional research.

“We are excited to roll out a way to electronically manage the data requested from IR,” Giese says. “This system will allow us to more easily track the number and types of requests and follow up with requestors. We try to turn all requests around within 10 days.”