Got a great idea? IWI would love to hear it!

MCC Colleagues: do you have an idea for a job training program that MCC does not currently offer?  If so, then submit it to the MCC Institute for Workforce Innovation!

We have a new process in place to evaluate ideas (see below). 

The IWI team does extensive job market research and interacts constantly with local employers to keep our fingers on the pulse of local workforce demands.  But we also like to tap into the expertise of our MCC colleagues. 

What we are looking for in new programming:

  • SHORT-TERM – though some certification programs can run up to six months, 3-12 weeks is the norm
  • JOB TRAINING – training that is offered with employment as the end goal
  • IN-DEMAND – we would like to offer certifications that can land our students jobs at a livable wage

Help us serve the MCC mission by serving the workforce community and creating career opportunities for our students!

Have questions?  Kevin Kelley, director of community & business development at IWI, will be at the AC Staff Association Meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 10 a.m., in the AC Board Room. 

Otherwise, contact Kevin at, ext. 1562. 

We can’t wait to hear your ideas!




New Idea Process

  1. On a weekly basis, IWI Outreach will check the new idea tracking page for submissions.
  2. New ideas will be forwarded to IWI Leadership Team, along with any prior submissions related to the new idea.
  3. The IWI Leadership Team will accept, reject, or request additional information. The initiator of the new idea will be notified of the decision. If additional information is requested, the initiator will need to provide it within two weeks. If the information is not received, it will be noted on the new idea tracking page and the new idea closed.
  4. If the new idea is rejected, the decision will be entered on the new idea tracking page, noting the reasons for rejection and the initiator will be notified.
  5. The IWI Leadership Team approved new ideas will be forwarded for feasibility study to subject matter experts for completion with data, as needed, provided by MCC Institutional Research Department. 
  6. The completed study will be submitted to the IWI Leadership Team, if there is no need for further modification, the IWI Leadership Team will review and make the final decisions related to development of the new idea.
  7. All steps related to a new idea will be noted on the tracking page.