Foundation Board meeting highlights

Carolyn Watley led last night’s Foundation Board meeting as the newly elected Chair. She announced changes to look forward to in the coming year, which includes involving reports from campus presidents, proposed changes to the bylaws, and the need to recruit additional members to the Foundation Board. Watley’s goal as Chair is to “be sure we are accomplishing great things for the students at MCC.”

Dr. Rich Gross from the Clements Group gave a presentation highlighting information gleaned from the feasibility study done earlier this year. Chancellor Mark James, Foundation Executive Director Kent Huyser, and a few campus presidents have been sharing the results of the study with many of the original participants.

Rich Gross

Based on feedback James has received from the follow up meetings with area business leaders involved in the original study, he reported about the need to “polish our brand and hone a very robust marketing strategy.” As a first step in that direction, the Chancellor made an internal move a few weeks ago to have the marketing and communication department report to Huyser. A new hire to the Foundation will soon be added.

Additionally, the Chancellor updated the Foundation Board that he did not select a candidate to fill the absence of Debbie Goodall at BTC at this time.  He was not ready to pursue his original idea and plans to have additional discussions with his leadership team about ideas moving forward. “I have full confidence we will continue our tradition of recruiting top notch folks,” said James. Currently, Michael Banks and Karen Moore are serving as interim leaders.

Foundation Board Treasurer Jim Martin reported the Foundation portfolio at $8.25 million, the largest balance in the history of the Foundation. The Foundation awards approximately 300 scholarships per year from about 160 funds.

The next Gratitude Reception will be held Thursday Nov. 21. The next Foundation Board meeting will be held at BTC on Oct. 9.