Explore MCC-Longview Wrap-up

MCC-Longview’s admissions office is taking a well-deserved deep breath after a successful “Explore MCC-Longview” event last Thursday.

Admissions representative Christine Atkinson knows it was a joint effort. “The Admissions Team would like to extend a big THANK YOU for your partnership in making our first EXPLORE MCC-Longview event a huge success,” Atkins says.  “We had 85 students and a total of 191 guests in attendance. We are thrilled with our attendance numbers and the positive feedback we have received from guests!”

The team is open to feedback on the event as well. They would like to make future events even more successful than this year’s.

Dr. Joan Bergstrom speaks to Explore guests about the ABLE program at MCC-Longview

Linda Anderson talks to a parent about student employment services at MCC-Longview.

Debbie Dalton, admission office staff member, with her son, Levi, a prospective MCC student.