Project Review Board Portfolio Updates – 01/16/13

The following documents have been updated to reflect the current and future projects.

Overview_Active011613 – Bubble chart of active projects

Overview_ActiveandFuture011613 – Bubble chart of active and future projects

ProgramPortfolioInProgress0113 – Spreadsheet of active projects

ProgramPortfolioFuture0113 – Spreadsheet of future projects

Project Review Board Charge and Membership


The project review board has the responsibility for reviewing and prioritizing all work requests that are presented to IT for application review, installation, development, enhancement or customization. This group will use a standard scoring method and risk/reward chart to evaluate requests.

  • Periodically review entire project portfolio for changes in scope, timeline or resources
  • Provide review of overall active and upcoming project portfolio, project scoring and ranking to ITESC
  • Periodically review and evaluate project requests based on the developed scoring guide
  • Provide assistance to project sponsor in completion of project request document as necessary


  • Chair: IT Project Manager, Melissa Marr
  • Director of Computer Services, Gary Schieber
  • Director of Student Financial Services, Dena Norris
  • Interim Director of Enrollment Services, Jen Saab
  • Director of Administrative Systems and Management, Patricia Amick
  • Director of Career Education, Tristan Londre