Committee Charge:

The IT Executive Steering Committee (ITESC) is the College’s senior IT oversight group. The primary function of the ITESC is to integrate technological strategies and investments with the College’s strategic goals and mission.  It fulfills this role by establishing annual and long-range technology goals; adopting institution-wide technology standards, practices, guidelines, and policies; approving major investments in technology and overseeing college-wide technology initiatives. ITESC also conducts regular reviews of the effectiveness of the College’s technology services and monitors the outcomes from institutional technology investments. The ITESC regularly commissions research by sub-committees for its consideration.

  • Strategic Integration
    • Assuring integration of the College’s IT strategy with the College’s academic/business missions
    • Promoting quality, efficiency,  and innovation in all of the College’s technological initiatives
  • Value Delivery
    • Monitoring the effectiveness of the College’s total investment in technology.
    • Assuring that IT strategy delivers measurable benefits and value to MCC constituents and community
    • Commissioning analysis and research pertaining to the effective use and support of technology at the College.
    • Periodically reviews IT service, performance and effectiveness
    • Implementing processes that are consistent with documented industry best practices
    • Tracking initiative progress throughout their lifecycle, and reporting on whether the stated benefits are realized
    • Promoting and advancing  the development and implementation of effective instructional technologies
  • Resource Management
    • Ensuring optimal investment in and proper management of IT resources, including applications, information, infrastructure and people
    • Receiving, reviewing and approving major technology investments, IT initiatives and institution-wide initiatives
    • Developing technology standards and practices to optimize MCC’s resources
    • Resolving resource conflicts or competing priorities to best meet the needs and mission of the College
  • Risk Management
    • Understanding and awareness of IT risks and effective, appropriate management of these risks
    • Developing policies to ensure compliance and to mitigate risk
    • Identifying technological solutions to mitigate risk in other areas of the College


Subcommittee Structure

ITESC Subcommittee Structure

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