Highlights and Updates

Strategic Plan Theme Committee

Strategic Plan Theme Committee Members: 

Student Success

  • Staff: Bobbie Gustin
  • Faculty: Kate Ellis
  • Administrator: Karen Moore
  • Officer: Utpal Goswami

Student Success Workgroup summer summary

Student-Success Feedback-10-11-2016

Student-Success Presentations 10.11.16

Student success feedback 11-9-16

Student Success Presentation 11.9.16


Teaching and Learning

  • Staff: Debra Roberts
  • Faculty: Stephanie Zerkel
  • Administrator: Dave Oehler
  • Officer: Michael Banks

Teaching and Learning workgroup summer summary

Teaching and Learning work group august report

Teaching and learning presentation

Recorded presentation from September 29, 2016

Teaching and learning campus feedback

teaching-and-learning add'l feedback-9-29-2016

Teaching and learning feedback 11-15-16

Teaching and Learning presentation 11.15.16


  • Staff: Carlton Fowler
  • Faculty: Chrissy Howell
  • Administrator: Mindy Johnson
  • Officer: Joe Seabrooks

Equity workgroup summer summary

Equity Feedback-10-17-2016

Equity Presentation 10.17.16

Equity feedback 11-10-16

Equity Presentation 11.10.16



Resource Development

  • Staff: Suzie Robertson
  • Faculty: Gretchen Blythe
  • Administrator: Monica Johnston
  • Officer: Kathrine Swanson

Resource Development workgroup summer summary

Recorded presentation from October 4, 2016

Resource development campus feedback

Culture and Environment

  • Staff: Lee Ann Zech
  • Faculty: Chris Morrow
  • Administrator: Ryan Meador
  • Officer: Kirk Nooks

Culture and Environment workgroup summer summary

Culture and Environment campus feedback

Culture-and-Environment Add'l Feedback-10-10-2016

Culture-and-Environment Presentation 10.10.16

Culture and environment feedback 11-8-16

Culture and Environment Presentation 11.8.16


Structures and Processes

  • Staff: Dan Ascheman
  • Faculty: Anne Nienheuser
  • Administrator: Brian Bechtel
  • Officer: Shelley Kneuvean


Recorded presentation from October 3, 2016

Structure and Process campus feedback

Structure and Process Feedback-10-3-2016

Structure-and-Process Presentation-3

Structure and processes feedback 10-31-16

Structure and Processes Presentation 10.31.16