Developing a New Strategic Plan

Metropolitan Community College is committed to the academic and career success of MCC students, and the College recognizes that its success is defined by its students. This Strategic Plan website is designed to share information about MCC’s current strategic priorities and guidelines for allocation of resources as well as decision-making strategies. The website also explains the links between the Strategic Plan and the Higher Learning Commission accreditation process. You will find some of that information below.

This website contains information about reports that link to Strategic Plan priorities as well. To read the various reports, click the “Reports” tab above.

You will also find information on the shared governance process here at MCC. Details including meeting minutes, committees and much more are posted under the "Shared Governance" tab.

The College is currently reviewing the current strategic plan and working to update College priorities. Learn more about this work in progress by clicking the “Developing Plan" tab. Meanwhile, for a calendar of events related to this process, click "What's Next."

To see where we've been, here's a look at the College's Current Strategic Plan themes. These five strategic priorities have been a starting point for the developing planning efforts.



Completion Priority

MCC shall endeavor to implement actions that promote an increase in percentages and total numbers of students graduating with associate degrees of all types, certificates, licensure and satisfaction of industry-accepted standards of career credentials.
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Student Learning

MCC shall create assessment tools that accurately and sufficiently determine student proficiency in all areas of general education career and technical programs and workforce development... [Learn More]

Enrollment Management

MCC shall develop strategies for improving students’ abilities to persist in their academic and career preparation. This includes ensuring that students are properly advised of academic program requirements, financial aid packages, enrollment processes and articulation agreements.... [Learn More]


MCC will provide all students, employees and other constituents with an environment that is inclusive for all, respectful and civil in tone, advances learning objectives and establishes a productive working environment for the community college setting.
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Resource Prioritization

MCC will distribute resources in accordance with activities that promote student success as related to the aforementioned guiding principles.[Learn More]

To update a section, send information in an email to strategic.plan@mcckc.edu .

Strategic Planning and the link to The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation

In January 2015, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation review reported that all HLC criteria had been met and that the commission identified concerns consistent with those self-reported by MCC.

Those areas of concern include strategic planning and shared governance. MCC continues to focus on those areas, include input college-wide and report progress as the work moves forward.

The report also noted strengths, progress and innovation surrounding assessment, zero-based budgeting, financial stability, the Chancellor’s Policy Review Committee, increases in hiring individuals from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds in all employee groups, and overall diversity initiatives.

The HLC report included the review team’s collective impression that MCC employees are passionate in their desire to provide excellent higher education opportunities to the Greater Kansas City community.

The entire HLC report is available at blogs.mcckc.edu/mcchlc. Click “Metropolitan CC-Kansas City Final Report.”

MCC’s last system-wide accreditation visit was in 2005-06.