Risk Management and Compliance

As part of MCC’s ongoing effort to enhance management of risk and meet its various federal, state and other regulatory requirements, a districtwide risk management and compliance advisory committee was established in July 2015.

The committee, made up of college administrators and staff with expertise in specific areas meet to identify risk and compliance issues and develop processes to manage compliance and minimize risk exposure. The committee has completed the first draft of a districtwide compliance calendar  and has begun to  examine and prioritize areas of risk. The committee  meets quarterly and  will also conduct and annual review of risk and compliance issues. Kathy Walter-Mack, chief of staff in the chancellor’s office, acts as the chair of the committee, with assistance from Robin McClain, Risk and Compliance manager, who coordinates the activities of the committee.

The group’s purpose is to support and enhance MCC’s risk management and compliance efforts by providing:

  • Communication and education around risk management and compliance requirements
  • Assistance in identifying and establishing best practices
  • Assistance in monitoring compliance requirements
  • Providing recommendations for changing policies and procedures to be consistent with compliance requirements

Committee members will also focus on how to best coordinate compliance issues and activities within their own departments and functions, including reporting compliance status. These efforts will be designed to help both individuals and units responsible for various compliance requirements stay up to date on compliance obligations as well as keep the officers and others informed about the status of compliance district-wide.