Enhanced MCC emergency alert system: How to sign up and how to get campus-specific alerts

On March 14, MCC employees and students started receiving emails about the College’s enhanced emergency alert system and how to choose which ways you want to be notified. (People who want to receive MCC alerts who are neither employees nor students, see Community members below.)

That March 14 email includes a link to the Rave Mobile Safety sign-up page (https://getrave.com/login/mcckc) and your user name and password.

Whether you were enrolled in the old alert system or not, you’re now enrolled in the enhanced Rave system. But you have to sign in to indicate how you want to receive alerts: By text on your cell phone? By personal email? (Employees and students will automatically receive alerts to their MCC email accounts.)

Scroll down for screen shots of what you’ll see when you log in. We’ve circled some things we don’t want you to miss.

Once you sign in, the My Account dashboard lets you add or delete cell phone numbers and personal email accounts. You’ll be asked to confirm your cell phone (if you want to receive texts), and the system will send your phone a test message.

You can also change your Rave password under My Account.

If you’d like to be notified of alerts for a specific campus, click the “Groups” tab. There you’ll see each campus listed, as well as the Administrative Center. Choose a campus (or more than one); click the magnifying glass icon under “Actions.” Then on the campus page, click “Join” under “Actions” to become part of that group.

What you’ll see when you sign in


Rave 1






Community members (those who are not employees or students) not currently signed up for MCC alerts will be able to do so on the Campus Safety page of the MCC website. Click the “Sign Up for Text Alerts” blue button. On the sign-up page, click “Register” at top right.

MCC sent out a test message in the new alert system Wednesday morning, March 16.

One advantage of this enhanced system is that MCC emergency alerts will immediately go out through MCC’s main Twitter and Facebook accounts, in addition to texts, emails, and announcements on mcckc.edu and the myMCCKC portal.

Be sure to check the Campus Safety page on the MCC website for valuable safety tips, videos and information on how to respond in an emergency.