Update on SEM: Oct. 1, 2012: http://blogs.mcckc.edu/insider/?p=9508




1/13/13 – Final recommended plans are brought forward to the council for feedback/changes/approval

2/13/13 – Implementation teams are formed

3/13/13 – Implementation begins/ implementation plans being formulated

Ongoing – Updates on implementation shared with the oversight team and the council


2/27/12  – Bring timeline and charges to cabinet

2/23/12 and 3/9/12 – Introduce and gather feedback from oversight teams

2/12/12 – Meet with research, Dena Norris and Kathy Hale to gather enrollment data (defined in this plan) and set established points of data collection and report sharing

March/April – Oversight teams establish chairs for functional teams and set up committee membership; review charges

May 3, 2012 – Co-chair kickoff meeting

Thru 9/30/12 – Functional teams meet and put together plans

Ongoing -Oversight teams report out regularly at their established meetings

Monthly                       Paul and Tuesday report out regularly to the council

10/12                           Plans are shared with the oversight teams for feedback and changes

10/12                           Jim from Noel Levitz returns to give feedback on plans

Thru 12/31/12              Changes are made by the functional teams