SEM Work Groups & Implementation Committees

SEM Work Groups & Implementation Committees

(Draft – updated 2/13/13)


1.  Communications Plan Work Group                                Sponsor:  Tuesday Stanley


Determine what features MCC needs from CRM. The group will need to consider what types of data we want to track.

Develop detailed communication plan tied to the Student Lifecycle that will be the road map for CRM. (We will need to pull in resource experts to help with Graduate and Alumni.)

Student Lifecycle

  1. 1.       Prospect/Inquiry
  2. 2.       Applicant
  3. 3.       Testing
  4. 4.       Advising/Pick a Program/Enroll
  5. 5.       Payment/FA
  6. 6.       Continuing Student
  7. 7.       Graduate
  8. 8.       Alumni

Note:  There will be multiple plans to meet different demographic groups such as:  traditional, 25+, veterans and parents. A detailed plan must be established for each group, including the messaging and delivery method at each step.

Chair: Tyson Schank

Committee Members:  Dan Ascheman, Kathy Hale, Jen Saab, Sydney Beeler, Tim Sears, Kristin Brumley, Dianna Carpenter, Denise Sobotka, Mike Ekey, Jen Saab

Deadline: Plans completed by May 2013.


2.  CRM Research & Selection (Team 5)                              Sponsor:  Tuesday Stanley

Goal:  Review CRM needs provided by the Communications Work Group and determine whether MCC should purchase CRM software from a vendor or internally create a customized system. If purchasing software, Team 5 will recommend a short list of vendors that can provide requested services.

Co-Chairs: Tom Wheeler, Leo Hirner

Committee Members: Gary Schieber, Melissa Marr, Jessica Ashe, Jen Saab, Fran Padow

Deadline:  March 2012 – list of CRM options that integrate well with PeopleSoft and meet the preliminary needs of the Communications Plans, knowing the details of the plans are still being determined.


3.  CRM Implementation                                                      Sponsor:  Tuesday Stanley

Goal:  Implement CRM software that will meet the needs of the communications plan and integrate with PeopleSoft.

Chair: Melissa Marr

Committee Members:  Dan Ascheman, Kathy Hale, Sydney Beeler, Jen Saab, Mindy Johnson, Dawn Hatterman, Dianna Carpenter, Rene Bennett


May 2013 – Demos/RFP

Late Summer 2013 – Installation/Testing

November 2013 – Go live


4.  Centralized Recruitment Plan Work Group                   Sponsor:  Tuesday Stanley

Goal:  Create a centralized recruitment plan to meet the needs of the campuses while consolidating and better utilizing MCC’s recruitment resources. The plan needs to include a schedule of events with the names of those responsible.

Chair:  David Fritz

Committee Members:  Kathy Hale, Tristan Londre, Eric Thompson, Linda Washburn, Dawn Hatterman, Kim Riley, Jen Saab

Deadline:  May 2013


5. Two-Year Academic Schedule Work Group                    Sponsor:  Paul Long


Work out a two-year degree schedule to meet the needs of students as indicated by SEM Teams 1 & 4, taking into account the need to be adjustable over time.

If needed, this group will also more fully build out MCC’s degree plans in a manner that will feed into degree audit software.

Chair:  Cheryl Carpenter-Davis and Bill Young

Committee Members:  Andy Minor, Debbie Callahan, Elizabeth Prindle, Karen Goos, Nick Lahue, Robyn McGee, Fran Padow

Deadline:  June 2013

6.  Degree Audit Research & Selection (Team 5)               Sponsor:  Tuesday Stanley

Goal:  Research degree audit software that meets the needs described in the SEM recommendations and integrates with PeopleSoft.

Deadline:  January 2013 – list of degree audit software options that integrate with PeopleSoft and meet the preliminary needs of the SEM recommendations.


7.  Degree Audit Implementation                                        Sponsor:  Tuesday Stanley

Goal:  Implement degree audit software that meets the needs described in the SEM recommendations and integrates with PeopleSoft.

Chair:  Melissa Marr

Committee Members:  Andy Minor, Jill Lomonte, Elizabeth Prindle, Jen Saab

Deadline: 6-9 months after the Degree Plan Workgroup finishes.


8.  Website Strategy/Implementation                                Sponsor:  Paul Long


The purpose of the taskforce is to recommend website options that align with the mission of the college and serve the internal and external audiences.

Recommend a single website with a unified presence that will provide us with a more consistent and coherent user interaction, market and community perception, consistency and relevance of search rankings, ease of finding and using organizational information, provision of information for accreditation and other external viewers. The final products delivered from this phase are a user requirements document and a technical requirements document.

Recommend enhancements to increase the functionality, accessibility, and ease of use. Additional recommendations will include content and processes that need to be shifted to the intranet (student portal and InfoExchange.)

Chair:  Mickey McCloud

Committee Members: Dan Ascheman, Karen Goos, Mike Ekey, Melissa Marr, Tom Wheeler, Heather Perez, Rowdy Pyle, Mary Birkel, Sybil Chandler, Kevin Kelley, Jen Saab

Resource Members: Tyson Shank, Monica Johnston, Kathy Hale, Monica Stevens, Kim Prosak, Jared Rinck, Kristy Bishop, David Levy

Deadline: July 2013


9.  Marketing Plan Implementation                                      Sponsor:  Tuesday Stanley

Goal:  Implement the marketing plan recommended by SEM Team 3.

Deadline:  Wait until ZBB recommendations are finalized to determine next steps.


10.  Payment Model Strategy                                              Sponsor:  Tuesday Stanley

Goal:  Determine the feasibility of SEM payment related recommendations.

Chair:  Jen Saab

Members: David Fritz, Tyson Schank, Rene Bennett, Rowdy Pyle, Brian Chasteen, Kathy Mercer, Dianna Carpenter, Dena Norris

Deadline: April 2013


11.  Retention Strategy Implementation    Sponsors:  Paul Long and Tuesday Stanley


Implement recommendations presented by the SEM Persistence Team

Act as a centralized body to review and recommend policies, procedures, trainings, and communications as they pertain to persistence and completion.

Deadline: Ongoing

Chairs: Sydney Beeler & Casey Reid

Members: Dee Mathison, Victorie Hollwell, Temeca White, Tatia Shelton, Louis Tobin, Joseph Roche, Deah Robinson, Matt Heck, Marvin Aaron, Candice Baldwin, Eugene Fenster, Pat Munn, Keet Kopecky, Lovon Tonga, Marcia Still, Mary Lynn Munger, Misty Chandler, Daniel Wright, Jessica Halperin, Chad Montouri, Dachia Scroggins, Sheryl Farnan, Christine Howell Mi