SEM Cabinet Presentation January 2013:


Dear MCC Colleagues:

I want to take this opportunity to inform you about one of the most important endeavors we can pursue to ensure that we have a sound, comprehensive plan for MCC’s future enrollment, academic performance, and overall sustainability.

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is a comprehensive review of MCC’s current processes and procedures focused on student success, enrollment trends, data gathering and assessment. The SEM process will generate a plan to foster long-term enrollment sustainability, fiscal health, and academic best-practices to promote learning, retention and completion. The SEM planning process consists of five functional teams having responsibility for data review and action recommendations related to specific areas of process improvement.  The teams are:  Persistence to Graduation, Completion and Student Success; Recruitment; Marketing; Capacity, Demand, Trends and Sustainability; and Technology.  I appreciate that many MCC faculty, students and employees have already stepped up to lead and serve on these functional teams.  To be maximally successful, we need this kind of grassroots involvement with everyone becoming a stakeholder in this MCC makeover.  This is not just another “project” but instead, an introspective review with a commitment to creating a culture of systemic excellence looking forward strategically instead of reacting to what comes.

The teams have begun their work and will provide their recommendations and implementation timelines to an oversight task force, the MCC officer team, and the Chancellor’s Cabinet by October of this year.  Phased implementation of the recommendations will begin immediately to meet enrollment and performance goals.  I cannot overstress the sense of urgency we must possess in this effort.  Our external environment is changing daily and with that comes new challenges and new opportunities.

Recommendations from the ZBB process will be considered to help prioritize and focus resources to maximize SEM effectiveness.  Though we truly have pockets of excellence throughout the district we must expand these into a culture of systemic excellence with no exceptions.  I want to thank those who are sharing their expertise and contributing to this vital effort.

As the spring semester closes, I also want to extend my sincere thanks to each of you for your many contributions to ensuring we continue to advance MCC’s mission of preparing students, serving communities and creating opportunities in our region.  Tonight, over 830 MCC students will walk the walk at commencement.  You are making a difference!

Thank you,