ZBB Timeline

ZBB Extended Timeline

August 15-16, 2011: ZBB introduced to officers

August 30, 2011: ZBB reviewed by officers

September 6, 2011: ZBB reviewed by officers

ZBB process applied to HR (programs within) and Sociology (LV and MW) as beta testing – to be completed by October

September 16, 2011: ZBB introduced to cabinet/BRT; request for feedback and assistance

October 3, 2011: ZBB communicated to MCC

September – October 2011: Finalize list of programs, committee chair and committee members; templates developed by finance and research and approved by officers and BRT/Cabinet

November 2011:

  • Adjust FY 12 budget and bring to board for approval
  • Board budget workshop is a presentation on ZBB
  • ZBB workshops held on campuses and at the AC to explain process and offer training on filling out the templates

November 2011- February, 2012: Templates completed by program experts and submitted to committee members

March – September  2012: Committee members analyze information on programs and rate each program; full committee categorizes programs in quintiles; sends recommendations to the program review governing board

April 2012: Adjust the FY 12 budget and bring to board for approval

June 2012: Bring FY 13 budget to board for approval (revenue based, not using the current allocation model)

October – November 2012: Program review governing board (BRT) adjusts or affirms recommendations

December 2012: Cabinet accepts or adjusts recommendations.

January – March 2013: Plans, including budgets, put together for programs identified as enhance, redesign or phase out.  Programs defined as maintained are put into the PeopleSoft budget.

April – May 2013: Budgets finalized for each program and put into PeopleSoft.

May 2013: Present ZBB plan with FY 14 budget to MCC

June 2013: Present ZBB plan with FY 14 budget to board

July – August 2013: Re-evaluate the ZBB process and put plans into place for building the FY 15 budget.

Tactical Timeline for ZBB: October 2011 – February 2012

October 18                              In-Service presentations

October 19                              MW ZBB overview

October 26                              LV ZBB overview

October 28                              Beta program work complete

October 31                              BRT/Cabinet – final feedback on ZBB docs and share beta program work; need names of program experts to fill out templates and further expansion on program list

Week of Nov 7- 14                  Program expert training sessions on each campus (afternoon for two hours – 6 in total); videotape and put on budget web site

November 28                         PV ZBB overview; video tape presentation for website

Week of Jan23 – early Feb     Program review teams training (combine groups for 2 hour training in afternoon); videotape and put on budget web site

February 28                             Deadline for template submission by program experts to program review teams

Gantt Timeline through Feb 2012

ZBB Process Flow