Accessing ZBB Provided Data

How to access ZBB provided data – click here.


ZBB Provided Data

Most of the ZBB provided data can be found on the MetroSoft Finance system.  Please reference the Accessing ZBB Provided Data document for specific instructions.  If the data is not available on the system, it will be noted in the under the description below.

  • Employees charged by dept/yr
    • Filename:  Employees_Charged_to_Departments.xlsx
    • This document lists employees that were charged to departments through payroll.  It is broken into tabs by fiscal years
    • This document can be used to determine which employees were in a given department for a fiscal year
    • Financial Data
      • Filename:  Financial_Data.xlsx
      • This document lists all revenues and expenses by fiscal year, department, location, account
      • Filters have been placed on the data to assist in finding the correct financial information
      • This document should be used to complete the Financial Data Collection Form
      • MCC Degrees and Certificates
        • Filename:  MCCKC_Degrees_ZBB.xlsx
        • This document lists the number of degrees and certificates by campus
        • The first tab is a total for MCCKC and the remaining tabs are by campus
        • This document can be used to complete the Completion and Success Rate Template
        • Administrative Student Satisfaction
          • Link:
          • This page contains information on student satisfaction surveys that can be used for administrative departments
          • Faculty Evaluations
            • Please contact the IR department at
            • You will need to provide the course, faculty members, campus and terms
            • If there are evaluations for the term, they will be aggregated and returned to the requestor
            • Advising, New Student Enrollment Groups, Orientation
              • Filenames:
                • Advising-NSEG-Orientation Numbers, 2009 Fall.xlsx
                • Advising-NSEG-Orientation Numbers, 2010 Fall.xlsx
                • Advising-NSEG-Orientation Numbers, 2010 Spring.xlsx
                • Advising-NSEG-Orientation Numbers, 2011 Fall.xlsx
                • Advising-NSEG-Orientation Numbers, 2011 Spring.xlsx
  • This information is for enrollment periods only
  • Financial Aid Disbursements
    • Filename:  ZBB Stats 08 thru 11 awarding.xls
    • This document lists the students, awards and total funds awarded/disbursed by campus for 2008-09 through 2010-11
  • Compass/Asset Placement Test Numbers
    • Filename:  zbb_test_nbrs.xls
    • This document lists of numbers of compass/asset placement tests for the past three years


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