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June 2013 – Training information



April 2013 – The training sessions for MCC’s Time and Labor project is right around the corner. Both supervisors and their employees will receive separate emails from Organizational Development to sign up for the mandatory training sessions. Do not delete this email from Organizational Development! It is critical that all employees attend their training session so their timesheets can be submitted to payroll.

Supervisors who have employees that are paid on a biweekly basis will receive an email:

From: Organizational Development

Subject: Automated Training Notification

This is the one you want/need to read. Supervisors will then click on a link to sign up for the hands-on training at one of the campus computer labs.

Biweekly paid employees should look for an email:

From: Organizational Development

Subject: Automated Training Notification

This is the one you want/need to read. Training emails for biweekly paid employees should come in mid-May to sign up for one of many mandatory demo sessions being held at each campus.

Time and Labor Video

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Timesheets online for some, beginning in July 2013

The Time and Labor Initiative is on track with the first of two phases. (Phase I involves bi-weekly paid employees, and Phase II officers and administrators.) The new Time and Labor process will provide employees an automated system in which they access and complete time sheets online or remotely (away from the office). For more information about the benefits of this initiative, click here.

Biweekly Pay Period Changes

  • Starting with the pay period beginning 7/7/13 and ending 7/20/13 all time reporting will be electronic.  This includes time worked and leave time.
  • Access to the online timesheet will be available from the Employee Center.
  • Supervisors will approve the submitted timesheet online (also from Employee Center) and the timesheet info will flow directly into Payroll.

Monthly Pay Period Changes (Administrators and Officers)

  • The pay period ending December 31, 2013 will be the last monthly payroll for Administrators and Officers.
  • Administrators and Officers will then transition to a biweekly pay frequency.
  • The fist payroll in 2014 for Administrators & Officers will be a short payroll ending 1/4/14.  This will only have 3 working days.
  • The next payroll ending 1/18/14 will be a full biweekly payroll.

Things to consider:

  • You may need to update any automated bill payments to reflect the new pay frequency.
  • You may want to begin saving money to cover the short payroll, if needed
  • On the biweekly schedule, twice a year there will be a third paycheck in a month that does not deduct benefit premiums
  • Click here to view a spreadsheet created to help estimate your Biweekly check. (This calculator should only be used as an estimate of potential payments.  This does not reflect the actual payment that will be made.)