April Board meeting, budget resolution

At the April Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved the final adjusted budget for 2012-13.

Prior to the approval, MCC had faced a substantial shortfall. In November 2012 the administration requested approval to address the shortfall. Since that time, $4.1 million has been identified in reductions primarily comprised of lapsed salaries and benefits along with non-payroll related items. Additionally, revenue adjustments of $3.1 million were identified.

An additional $1.1 million of additional budget adjustments will be made to close the remaining gap.


WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Community College (the

District) desires that the operating budget remain accurate and in balance; and

WHEREAS, the administration has additional information that requires that

additional adjustments be made to the 2012-2013 operating budget to remain in balance;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the Junior College District of Metropolitan Kansas City, Missouri hearby approves that the

2012-2013 budget be adjusted in accordance with the attached revision to the operating budget for 2012-2013 as authorized by this resolution.

Click the link below to see the Metropolitan Community College November 2012 Adjusted Budget vs. Final Adjusted Budget, and Changes in Budget, 2012-2013 Budget Year



ZBB – Chancellor’s determinations

Dear MCC Colleagues,

I want to thank all of you for the work that went into the Zero Based Budget (ZBB) review of all our administrative and academic programs for which we expend resources.  As you are well aware, this is the first comprehensive review of this nature conducted at MCC and one of the few ever conducted at a community college anywhere in the nation.  Most important to me was the level of engagement of the content experts, program managers, academic and administrative review teams, the Budget Response Team, and the Cabinet to provide valuable input and perspective to help inform my many decisions.

I have reviewed all of the recommendations offered at every level of review as well as the additional input provided by the content experts.  In some cases, I asked for more information or clarification and in other cases I was aware of other initiatives underway within MCC that directly related to some of the recommendations that I considered in my final determinations.  In the end, I have taken the whole picture into consideration weighing all the information I have at hand to come to my conclusions.

You will find in the vast majority of the programs, I have accepted the recommendations brought forth by the review groups.  Where there were differences in recommendations between levels of review, I have attempted to spell out more clearly which recommendations I am adopting in an effort to accept what I thought were the best ideas.

One of the primary stated objectives of ZBB was to determine how our expenditure of resources matched up to our most important priorities as outlined in our strategic plan.  This was not simply a budget cutting exercise.  This was more about quality assurance and prioritization of our limited resources.  It appears there may be some opportunity for reallocating resources as a result of these findings but most importantly I feel we have a much better understanding of what we are doing where and how it stacks up against our stated strategic priorities and performance measures.  I have had a number of the content experts and program managers tell me that while they first dreaded doing the work of their program review, they found that it helped them to think about their efforts in a different way and that they actually learned something new about their programs.

For now I can tell you that we will not repeat this entire ZBB process on an annual basis.  It will take some time to implement the recommendations, assess the outcomes, and determine the cost-benefit of the process.  I will also want to solicit more input and feedback from you about the process and how to streamline and improve it before we consider the next iteration.  I believe the work of ZBB complemented by all the great recommendations coming out of the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) committees has provided many great suggestions for improving MCC.  What makes them most valuable to me is that the input comes from you.  You are all stakeholders in the success of MCC.

Thank you once again for your time, energy and commitment to making us better and thank you for everything you do to prepare students, serve our communities and create opportunities.  My final determinations are posted on the ZBB tab.