MCC Bookstores Sale — Feb. 16 & 17


Are you looking for some new spring gear?

The MCC Bookstores will be having a two day sale on select items on Feb. 16 and 17.

Included items are:

  • 25 % off MCC-BT hoodies
  • 25 % off MCC-BT Baseball caps
  • 25 % off BT Travel mugs
  • 25% off writing instruments (pens, pencils, markers, etc.)
  •  25% off ear buds and headphones

Here is the link to check out hours for the MCC Bookstores.

A reminder about some of the benefits under Follett’s new management of the bookstores.

Student benefits

  • Follett brings the capability to stock larger numbers of used and rental textbooks saving students 25% to 50% or more over current pricing.
  • Follett offers a “Price Match Guarantee” on all in-stock items for students.
  • Book buy back will be offered to students year round, rather than on limited schedules.
  • The breadth of store inventories available will be greatly increased at all locations including a tremendous assortment of tech merchandise and accessories. Follett will also expand store services to include a greater assortment of “Grab-And-Go” food and beverage offerings.
  • Students will be able to make purchases at any of our store locations for classes offered at all of our MCC locations, typically with a 24 hour turnaround time (buy anywhere, pick up anywhere at the students’ option).
  • Using the Follett Discover tool:
    • Students will be able to access the system, through the Learning Management System, where all of their adopted course materials will appear based on the courses they are specifically enrolled in.  The system will also automatically populate a shopping cart on the site with all required textbooks and course materials, based on the student’s individual course schedule, for them to choose for purchase.
    • If the adopted material is available in a digital format, students can use the system as a “shelf” to house the materials they have purchased or other adopted items such as YouTube videos, TED Talks, Open Educational Resources (OER) materials or materials purchased from alternate sources.
    • Course materials services will also include the ability to link to digital and open source materials directly through the campus Learning Management System utilizing the Follett Discover tool.
  • Although many eBook and digital content services will be available through the Bookstores and on, Follett’s proprietary e-reader, BryteWave, will also be available to all students and faculty at no charge.  BryteWave will allow students to “test drive” their textbook using the three-day “Try Before You Buy” option.
  • Follett works to showcase campus Bookstores as inviting “destinations” that are at the centerpiece of campus activity and provide a meeting point for students to gather.

Faculty benefits

  • Book adoptions will be done electronically through the Follett Discover program, with an ease of use and efficiency.
  • Through Follett’s system, Faculty will have access to research and select materials that they wish to adopt through the exclusive Follett Discover program. This system will allow them to search most commonly used materials, cost compare textbook options and adoption strategies, as well as provides a forum for faculty to socialize their thoughts and needs on prospective and adopted materials through this tool (ability to research more cost effective offerings for students, book ratings and/or comments by professors nationally, etc.).
  • All required and recommended text titles will be in stock at least two weeks prior to class start. Course material and textbook inventories will remain on store shelves throughout the academic term.
  • Follett’s Book Look tool ensures MCC’s compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).
  • Through Follett’s proprietary eBook reader, faculty may create custom digital course packs or author their own works to be distributed through BryteWave. Students will have free access to this tool which may also be set up for group exercises if all students chose to utilize a digital tool.
  • Follett will offer MCC faculty and staff a 10% discount on all purchases over $1.00, excluding textbooks, sale merchandise, computer hardware, and academically discounted software.  Follett will offer all MCC departments a 20% discount on purchases of supplies over $1.00, excluding textbooks, sale merchandise, computer hardware, and academically discounted software.

MCC benefits

  • Follett will make physical improvements to book store spaces to enhance each store’s image and attract customers.
  • Follett will provide technology upgrades at all bookstore locations.
  • Follett assumes all of the financial risk with the students for lack of returning rental books, thereby eliminating any bad debt collection related to the bookstores on the part of MCC.
  • Follett has agreed to employ all of full time employees at their current salary level, at the employee’s option.  MCC developed other similar positions for these employees that will be offered to the employee as well.