The purpose of the Chancellor’s Policy Review Committee (CPRC) is to allow input from all governance groups during the development of MCC policies, procedures, revisions, and rescissions.  The CPRC is comprised of representatives of the three MCC governance groups: staff, faculty and administrative, and a chair appointed by the chancellor. Each governance group is represented on the CPRC by its current president, its current policy committee chair, and two members of its policy committee selected by the governance groups.

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CPRC 2016-2017 Committee Members


Pat McKeown, LV, Faculty Policy Committee Co-Chair

Christine Howell, PV, Academic Senate President

Karen Curls, PV, Faculty

Daniel Wright, MW , Faculty


Lee Ann Zech, MW, Staff Policy Committee Chair

Bobbie Gustin, PV, District Staff Council President

Erin Lang, MW, Staff Association

Jim Sears, PV, Staff Association

 Administrative Professional:

Nancy Russell, BT, Administrative Association President

Mindy Johnson, MW, Administrative Association

Mary Thiel, AC, Administrative Association

Mindy McCallum, LV, Administrative Association


Kathy Walter-Mack, AC

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