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A place where anything MCC is expressed in blog format, for students, faculty, and staff alike. This is the main site, the “hub” if you will, where all sites reside.

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Sites for Everyone

MCC NewsroomMCC Newsroom will be targeted to (non-student) external stakeholders, particularly useful for the chancellor’s audience, as well as for other pertinent audiences like those of the Foundation and I.W.I.


CaptureThe place for student life, athletics, and important stuff!



 The First Year blog will include information pertinent to College 100: First-Year Seminar, including relevant campus events, strategies for new students, suggestions for employees and COLL 100 instructors, and tips for community members who may be trying to help a new student.


Sites for Employees

The insider has been moved from blogspot to here! The MCC Insider is a coordinated effort between all five campuses at Metropolitan Community College and its Administrative Center. Campus representatives reports on the news from each campus.


Employees’ Source for Information About the District-Wide Budget. The MCC Budget Source website was recently updated and the link was added to the MCC Insider for employees to have quick and easy access to new budget information as  it is received.


stratplanUpdates and information regarding the MCC Strategic Plan.



The place for student life, athletics, and important stuff!


CaptureUpdates and information regarding the Associate in Arts Revision, Completion Academy, and the HB1042 Bill.